Time to Get Tyrannosaurus Wrecked: New Beer Made with Prehistoric Yeast

John Hammond would be proud.

Fossil Fuels Brewing Company and their partner, Schubros, have perfected a recipe for a saison brewed from yeast found on a 45-million-year-old leaf that was found in a piece of amber.

The yeast was extracted from the amber in the 1990s and Fossil Fuels Brewing Company was born. 

Yay, beer!

Yay, beer!

The beer is available through the brewery's Indiegogo page. The company is looking to raise at least $40,000 to build a lab, nourish the yeast, and brew more beer styles. A $40 backing gets you a first edition, signed, waxed-dipped 750 ml bottle of the ancient yet new beer, a piece of amber crystal, and other perks. 

Read more about the beer here.