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♫ ♫ It Was a Very Good Beer ♫ ♫

Two thousand five hundred different beers is a lot of beer. I remember reaching 500 beers back in 2014 and thinking it was a lot (SN: it is). Now there are badges for 5000 and 10,000 distinct beer check-ins. I'll probably get there one day, but for now, I'm taking some time to look back through the beers I have had thus far. 

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My Advanced Cicerone Exam Experience in Winona Ryder SAG Award GIFs

I've had a week now to digest my Advanced Cicerone exam experience. It's been weird not having to stress out about when I'm going to squeeze in studying and I feel a little bad for my box of now-neglected study materials. They were getting so much attention for so long and now they've been discarded like so many old toys.

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Dear Isinglass - How Are You a Thing in My Beer?

Even allowing for the fact that much of what we know about topics such as medicine and longstanding popular commercial products was the result of old-timey people saying "I wonder what this does. Death? Okay, then let's not do it quite like that anymore. How about when I do this?", getting from a fish to its bladder to use of said bladder in clarifying beer seemed like a huge leap. Like how many other things were people dumping in beer before they got around to thinking of drying a fish's bladder and then tossing it into beer?

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Under the Jenfluence Mystery Stories: Jen Stumbles Upon The Cool Spot

When you spend a lot of time looking at brewery websites like I do, you find yourself consistently running into a delay that seems to be different for each website: being asked if you’re at least 21 years old before being allowed to enter the website.

Researching the different age gates and reading about the self-regulation led me to a tantalizing thought: what happens when you indicate that you are not 21 years old?

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Some Alcohol Brands are Taking the Wooderson Approach to Snapchat

I had to Google what Snapchat was. I tried (ashamedly) typing “How to use Snapchat” into Google and got results that either told me how to spy on my (nonexistent) children on Snapchat or were written by people younger than I am who referred to themselves as “olds” about how they don’t understand Snapchat either. Apparently everyone over the age of 35 lives in unending fear of accidentally sending perplexed-looking pictures of themselves to millions of people.

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