Coming Soon: I Won't Be Able to Pretend Beer Has Zero Calories Anymore

The Beer Institute introduced its Brewers Voluntary Disclosure Initiative, which asks its 44 brewer and importer members to voluntarily include caloric and nutritional information, including ingredients, on its packaging as well as provide "born on" or "best by" dates. 

Many larger breweries are already gearing up to disclose such information due to restaurants and foodservice chains being required to disclose the caloric value of the beer they serve.

Unsurprisingly, the six companies who have already agreed to follow the guidelines account for 80% of the beer sold in the United States and are made up of some familiar Goliaths: Anheuser-Busch InBev, MillerCoors, Heineken USA, Constellation Brands, North American Breweries, and Craft Brew Alliance

Read more about the Brewers Voluntary Disclosure Initiative here.