Noble Hops

Four varieties of hops known for their delicate, elegant, herbal, and floral aromas as well as being the products of their terroir, which is their history of having been grown in and having adapted to their home territories.

  1. Hallertauer Mittelfrueh: considered the king of the German hop varieties and grown in the Hallertau hop region, which is the world's largest hop growing region. It has a spicy-herbal, complex aroma with a smooth bitterness, but it can develop some cedar, leather, and tobacco notes as it ages. Complements the flavor profiles of lagers, especially pilsners.
  2. Spalt: grown in the Spalt region, which is southwest of Nuremburg in Bavaria. It has a delicate, spicy aroma that complements continental European beer styles, such as pilsner, bock, Kolsch, and Helles. It is the classic hop for producing Altbier.
  3. Tettnanger: grown in the Tettnanger region of Southern Germany. It is genetically very similar to Czech Saaz and has a unique aroma and a slightly citrus/grassy flavor. It is the classic hop for German pilsner.
  4. Saaz: grown in the Zatec region of the Czech Republic. It is very genetically similar to not only Tettnanger and Spalt hops, but also to the Polish hop Lublin. It has a pleasant aroma and is the classic hop for Czech (Bohemian) pilsner.