I Tried It: Red Clay Sunday Brunch

On the third Sunday of each month, Red Clay Ciderworks hosts a Sunday brunch in their taproom at 245 Clanton Road in Charlotte. Offerings typically include PepperBox Doughnuts and food trucks serving brunch, such as What Goes Round. The brunch begins at 12:00 pm and lasts until 2:00 pm.

The Sunday I went to Red Clay’s brunch, the food truck wasn’t able to make it out, which wasn’t a huge deal for me. For one thing, I was more excited about the doughnuts from PepperBox. For another, vegetarian fare can be kind of dicey from food trucks as space is limited and it seems like it’s pretty difficult to keep the meat-y stuff off of the non-meat-y stuff.

Red Clay’s ciders are always amazing and it is never a burden for me to take a break from beer to drink some of their small batch hard cider. My all-time favorite is Cherry Bobbin’ Trolls, which is a semi-tart cider made with cherries, although I usually make sure to get a pint of their flagship, Queen City Common, when I’m there as well. This time, however, I ordered a snake bite after my requisite Cherry Bobbin' Trolls. You'll have to stay tuned for an upcoming I Tried It about my thoughts on the snake bite.

I’m not a huge baked goods fan, but I will indulge in a doughnut from time to time. I’m not sure you can call doughnuts for lunch “brunch,” so let’s say for my doughnunch (doughnut lunch), I paired the Cherry Bobbin’ Trolls with PepperBox’s espresso-dusted* doughnut and their raspberry frosted doughnut with Cap’n Crunch.

Here is a fact about me: if you put cereal (especially the sugary kind my mom would never buy for me) on top of a doughnut, I will buy that doughnut. Every time. If anyone out there ever wants to trap me with the old Box-and-Stick Trap, put a doughnut with cereal on top of it under the box as bait. My thinking goes that if I’m going to eat a doughnut as a meal, I may as well put cereal on top of it because there will be no redemption in that meal for me.

While the Cherry Bobbin’ Trolls and raspberry Cap’n Crunch doughnut was a little too sweet of a match for me, it did not stop me from devouring both of them. The espresso-dusted doughnut fared better with the cider. I had never had PepperBox before and was impressed with their product as well as their service. The doughnuts had a little bit of a biscuity, bready kick to them that you can’t find in a mass-produced doughnut.

We were there on a Panthers game day right around the time the game was starting, so Red Clay was not quite as busy as they would normally be for their Sunday Brunch. I am not a sportsball follower, so it rarely occurs to me that there is a football game on. Like the square older co-worker who schedules a meeting for 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, I am out of touch when it comes to sports and have found myself at the grocery store on Sundays either wondering why it’s so empty on a Sunday afternoon or wondering why it’s so busy only to realize the Panthers game must have ended, which also explains why so many people are dressed the same.

But I digress.

I wondered if, out of fairness, I should wait to write this I Tried It simply because I didn’t get the entire Red Clay Sunday Brunch experience. However, as I mentioned above, I’m not a huge food truck person anyway, so the food truck not being able to make it in didn’t really take away from the experience for me. I can pretend I was totally going to get the granola with vanilla yogurt and fruit that would have been available had the food truck been there, but I wouldn’t have because CEREAL ON DOUGHNUTS. I may have gotten it (along with the doughnuts), but only as an indication to everyone around me that I lead a nutritionally balance life, like when I buy organic strawberries in addition to Nacho Cheese Doritos when I really just want the Doritos.

If my calendar mathematics are correct, Red Clay’s next Sunday brunch is going to be this upcoming Sunday, October 16th. You can find more information on their Facebook event page here. I plan to be there, but will be wary of any boxes I see with cereal-topped doughnuts under them.

*My pen ran out of ink while I was taking notes and I swore that I would be able to read my writing later and know exactly what I wrote, but that (of course) did not happen. I'm pretty sure it was an espresso doughnut. My apologies to PepperBox if I did not get the flavor correct.