Consulting & Partnerships

Under the Jenfluence is a growing beer-focused blog run by a Certified Cicerone® dedicated to increasing consumer awareness and education of beer and the brewing industry through weekly blog features, such as product and beer reviews, beer vocabulary and history, and original content. 

There are as many types of Under the Jenfluence readers as there are kinds of beers, but they are all interested in learning more about beer, new beer-related products, and the brewing industry. They are also interested in technology, cooking, shopping, and traveling. Under the Jenfluence readers are evenly split between men and women and are predominantly millennials and Gen Xers.

How Can We Work Together?

I currently offer guest blog posts, product reviews, sponsored content, ad space, giveaways, social media promotion, and Press/FAM trips. I am also available for events and speaking engagements.  

I post 3-5 times per week and amplify all posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also regularly share blog posts on Pinterest.

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I am available to help you plan your next beer event, from a Cicerone or BJCP tasting to a beer dinner or pairing. Heck, I'm available to help you pick a beer when you're wondering what to try next. (Grain).jpg

Ad Space:

I offer banner advertising of all sizes and will work with potential advertisers to come up with the best size and price for our partnership. Thirsty to advertise for multiple months? We can come up with a discounted plan. To place an ad or get more information, please feel free to send me an email.